About KrisBygg

The firm is registered under Norwegian laws and tax regulations with private builder in 2011. Since inception , we have received very positive feedback from our clients who have recommended us further as a reliable and competent supplier. Our long experience and broad expertise makes us a solid and reliable partner .

Our strategy is based on an individual approach to each project according to customers expectations and requirements. We are constantly striving to improve our skills in all aspects of the work . We provide high competence and responsibility among our employees therefore we ensure that our services are characterized by high quality, precision and safety.

We are looking forward to work with you.

Krzysztof Walkowicz

Everything for refurbishment

Extensive interior renovation, remodeling and completion is the foundation of our business. We are willing to realize all your ideas.


We perform most carpentry and carpentry services, but at the same time have extensive experience in larger building assignments

Masonry work

We mostly perform our masonry work in large buildings. However, we also thrives well with smaller deals as well as with private homes.


The bulk of the masonry work we do is on larger buildings. But, we also thrive well with smaller assignments

  • Everything for refurbishment 100%
  • Carpentry 100%
  • Furniture 100%
  • Tiling 100%

Our suppliers

Haugerudhagan 137, 0673 Oslo, Norge

Haugerudhagan 137, 0673 Oslo, Norge

450 99 257